Egypt Best VPS Hosting Are Provided With Cairo Location Servers

Egypt Best VPS Hosting Are Provided With Cairo Location Servers
Cairo, Egypt

March 11, 2021 / Cairo, Egypt – The world-leading company “vpsandserver” web hosting provider is excited to announce his virtual private servers in the location of Egypt with the controlled system of Cairo-based. A large global web community has attached with their infrastructure to satisfying and fulfilling hosting desires with superb server types. Currently, they are performing the best web services to more than 30 worldwide regions and also planned to expand a wide platform for many countries. As we know that the only making web pages and applications online are not enough, there is a fact that is associated with the size and traffic usage. This is all about the server capability and for this purpose this company has made complete VPS solutions for meeting a large size website eligibility of Egyptian business users. There are many kinds of plans that existed with their structure to provide a basic to a corporate requirement.

Most users realized to shift on a virtual private server when they are going to the lowest to highest business frameworks. The main reason is the low space resources and bounded bandwidth because when you start your web channel then you look for the cheapest plan that can show your page online only and you never think about the future enhancement. A large amount of user chooses a shared package which is based on a one shared platform with many existing users like you. This is useful for starting your low and limited website portals. That’s why a VPS hosting in Egypt is made for those who have a future dream to attain huge business progress with enhanced and unlimited uploads. “vpsandserver” has arranged a wide category of hosting spaces with a managed and un-managed facilities.

The VPS is based on a virtual program where the operating system enables the user to use the machine independently. One single dedicated machine splits different virtual systems with the allocation of available resources and as per the client’s desires. A complete system is dependent on up to you with the access of root SSH. You may access your device to configuring and making the changes on behalf of website uploads. If you are not familiar with the technical skills and you cannot do the root setting on your system so in that case, you can choose our managed VPS Servers, we have a managed services team to helping out you with all your server-related tasks.

Our data centers are located in Cairo and this is installed, and operated to the highest environmental, power, infrastructure flexibility, physical security, and network standards. The shift switch automatically triggers generator power in the event of a grid outage. Since we have a DC that is protected and driven with multi-layer options, we promised your services will not go down or stop at any stage of your important tasks.

All Egypt-based virtual private servers will be virtualized with KVM, and you’ll get SSD storage, a lot of bandwidth, and plenty of CPU cores. All instances provided by large dedicated machines are physically isolated, ensuring maximum productivity. You will be surprised to realize that all variants of Linux, such as Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and others, as well as all published and recommended versions of Windows, are available.

Starter Plans 

Linux – $29 / Month

1 GB RAM / CPU Core 1
30 GB SSD Storage / 2000 GB Bandwidth

Windows – $49 / Month

1 GB RAM / CPU Core 1
50 GB SSD Storage / 2000 GB Bandwidth

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