Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium: Brand New Mac App, Android Foldable Support and Welcome Screen

Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium: Brand New Mac App, Android Foldable Support and Welcome Screen
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

  • Hinfo is the contactless hotel compendium that every property type can benefit from and is accessible via your guests own devices.
  • Hinfo now has a new optional welcome screen, viewable immediately after guests select the property they are staying at.
  • The Hinfo app has been upgraded to support modern Mac computers and Android foldable devices.

Hinfo (hin-fo) is the digital hotel compendium that allows guests to use their own devices to access each property’s details and services.

Today, is the launch of another major update for the Hinfo service, with a personalized welcome screen and support for the next generation of device platforms.

Properties can now choose to support a welcome screen, which appear immediately after guests have selected their property on the service.

This screen will allow properties to provide their own message and image, which could be used to reiterate details mentioned during check-in or to highlight that they can send a message via the built-in guest messaging service if they have any questions during their stay.

This release is also the biggest since the launch of Hinfo, when it comes to new device types and platforms that allow guests to access each property’s room compendium.

The Hinfo iPhone/iPad app has been upgraded to also work on the Mac, which is now available via the Mac App Store.

This Mac app has also gained support for:

  • A new persistent side menu (also available on iPad),
  • Resizable window support,
  • macOS Menu Bar and Touch Bar support and
  • Supports all Macs running macOS Big Sur on both Apple Silicon and Intel processors.

“Our new Mac app allows us to bring many of the app only features to guests using Macs for the first time, including offline support and notifications.” Says Neil Houlston, Founder of Hinfo. “We are also amongst the first apps to upgrade our app to be available on both the iOS and Mac App Stores and support both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.”

Another major tech trend emerging in recent years is foldable devices.

The Hinfo Android app now supports these new foldable devices. This means when guests switch between the smartphone and tablet sized screens when they fold and unfold these types of devices, the app now maintains the same content being displayed at any given moment.

The area of hotel compendiums is continuing to grow with Hinfo, the 21st century digital upgrade that is fully contactless by using your guests own devices and is the perfect solution for the post COVID-19 world.

Website: https://www.hinfo.com

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