Long Term Remote Work Monitoring Solution from Talygen

Long Term Remote Work Monitoring Solution from Talygen
Palo Alto, USA

Talygen, the global leader in business automation, offers a complete and simplified remote work monitoring solution for all kinds and types of remote workforces around the world. The software is designed and developed to not only make remote working easy to monitor but to enhance productivity as well.

Unlike many other work from home monitoring tools out there, Talygen is a complete solution that integrates a ton of different remote work functionalities in an easy-to-use and manages interface. With ready-to-use tools integrated, such as Screenshot Tracker, Time Tracker, Remote Project Management, Online Shared Data Storage, and so on, Talygen makes remote working a reality for even the smallest of the budding businesses around the world.

The team offers a comprehensive Free Trial of the software as well. You can try it for free to know if Talygen is feasible with your team or not.

Some of the major features you get with Talygen’s Remote Work Monitoring Solution are:

  • Easy and Friendly Interface
  • In-depth Time Tracking
  • Expense tracker module
  • Robust business intelligence tool
  • Performance review
  • Automated invoicing and billing
  • Screenshot Tracker
  • Internal Message Board
  • Variety of easy to use reports
  • Mobile App for all leading OS
  • Free Trial for all

You can give Talygen a call at 650-800-3850 or visit https://talygen.com/freetrial now.

About Talygen

Since 2009, Talygen gained a foothold in the market by providing an industry-leading SaaS platform to businesses to help them automate and regulate remote work. The all-in-one Talygen, cloud-based solution empowers all-sized organizations and brings them the comfort of managing the entire business efficiently. This fully-featured web-based application is available in 15 languages worldwide to assist clients and users in customizing and systemize workflows on the go.

Remote work monitoring is challenging for any level of the experienced workforce around the world. Modern remote work monitoring tools not only boost your remote working experience but your profits in the long term as well.

Talygen is your one-stop solution for all kinds of remote work monitoring needs. Make sure you try the free trial of Talygen’s Remote Work Monitoring Module for your remote team.

Give Talygen a call at 650-800-3850 or visit https://talygen.com/freetrial to know more.

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