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Prwings is fully dedicated to serve the businesses and individuals for posting their news and stories on the website that can be viewed from all over the world. But to sustain a good relationship between the submitters and Prwings it’s required to understand some basic terms, and here they are –

Important Note before reading terms: Terms are only to keep our sides safe, but nothing else, intentionally we would never want our free users or paid users to pass through any difficulties, but to keep our sides safe and before you becomes a user of Prwings or use our services, you will have to abide by our these current terms below, or any term published later in the future just to keep our site, site’s owner and our rights safe and secure.


  1. General Terms
    1. We and our refer here to “Prwings (www.prwings.com)”
    2. We (Prwings) do not hold any responsibility for the content submitted in the form of a press release by the registered users, hence all the users are solely responsible and accountable for their own content (this includes text, images, visuals, or their own accounts). We have all the authority to remove all the data (this includes press release content and registered user accounts) without taking any permission from the relevant users, and this can happen for the compliance of any legalities or when the site gets closed/merged down or for other reasons!
    3. The contact or identity information you share with us is quite safe and private with us unless it’s stolen by the hackers, we believe not a single site is safe on the internet and that’s something you will have to abide by.
    4. We have all the authority to share the user information if seek by the legal authorities or the relevant company whose material is published at Prwings by the same user.
    5. We have all the authority to lock, ban, hold, or remove the users and their published content on our website depending up on the various legal or similar-to-legal issues.
    6. We possess all rights to edit your submitted press releases in order to fix any issues found in them, or to correct any misleading information or to correct spellings or to correct business information or to correct any other related issue found. In general, we do not make edits, but sometimes when users submit irrelevant details totally unrelated to press release content.
  2. Free Press Release Submission Terms – 
    1. General Terms + These Below!
    2. (Imp) Do not submit news or information related to pornography, sexual topics, or nudity. Doing it will result in a permanent ban on the user and their related sites without issuing any warning.
    3. (Imp) Do not submit violent content, offensive content, or content that is unlawful or can have legal issues with the government. Doing it will result in a permanent ban on the user and their related sites with no warnings issued.
    4. Do not overlink press release content. 1 or 2 Links are fine. A bad linking strategy might result in the removal of content.
    5. All links will have a no-follow tag.
    6. Format information correctly, try to keep the press release content tidy and readable, if found too much messy then it can result in the press release removal.
    7. Provide correct contact information in the press release articles, if this is found misleading, then it can result in the removal of this specific PR and warnings can be issued to the registered user.
  3. Paid Press Release Terms:
    1. General Terms + Free PR Terms + These Below!
    2. We do not accept unlawful, unsocial, misleading, offensive, and any content that doesn’t sound legit, and somehow if it succeeded in making its way on the site, then it will be removed once it came into notice, and no refunds will be provided for that!
    3. All the content that you will submit we do not hold any legal responsibilities for that, so in case of any legal issues, it will all be bearded by you only.
    4. All the content that you submit or publish on our site is always a subject to removal without taking any permission from you, but in general, we do not do it, but there might come situations where we might not have any other options but to remove it, this can include legal warnings, copyright warnings, server data loss, search engine warnings or any others similar to these or the server or the server-size related.
    5. No refund in any of the cases above or not above.
    6. We have all the authority to make edits in your content which we found misleading, or not written or published as per the search engine guidelines, or anything suspicious we notice about.
    7. Press release submitted must have been written in a news or press release manner, if found in an unrelated manner then it will be a subject to review and removal.

Terms are only to keep our sides safe, but nothing else, intentionally we would never want our free users or paid users to bear anything that would hurt them.


Privacy Policy

We (i.e. www.prwings.com) respect our customer’s privacy, read below:

  1. How we receive information – Through contact form, direct contact via emails or any other media, and user registrations.
  2. Privacy Policy Announcement – We never share the information (of the registered users or of the people that approached us through contacting us in any of the way) to anyone who is outside our business network. It’s quite safe with us except the stolen case as mentioned above in the General Terms.
  3. Sensitive Information – While registration or login, sensitive information like passwords are never stored so they never become visible to anyone, even not to the site owners, and this makes login and registration completely secure on www.prwings.com


Cookie Policy

Cookies are mostly browser-related and website system has very less to influence them. Try to keep your browser and PC a secure one, and then you will never have to afraid of cookies. Read our cookie policy below –

  1. What We Do –  When you login, your email is stored in a session of your browser until you logout.
  2. What You Do – When you login, (contact or register or comment) and you opt to save your login credentials in the browser, then they might get stored in your browser cookies, and all the facts like their expiry and management all happen between you and your browser.

Learn more about cookies on Wikipedia.

(Last Updated 17 July 2020)